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In our modern world of heightened wall building, we are confident more separates us than brings us together. Added to our intrinsic differences, we find distinctions amongst people of our same gender, ethnicity, and race. These separations, in the long run, can turn into acts of miscommunication, create discomfort and animosity; and thus begins a tragic cycle of thinking in binaries. In this article I will argue that by reclaiming rhetoric traditions Latinx creators have continued a hesitant social move to refashion the aggregate memory of bondage and discrimination that began in colonial times. These creators are not blaming a particular sociocultural group for what they have had to endure. Their work transcends a traditional social commentary or protest. With their work, they want to reshape the way we think about Latinx minority groups. I will continue to prove that by rejecting cliché depictions of Latin Americans, a new “American reader” will sympathize with the struggles of the oppressed people and understand that Latin American thinking is the way to the future. With their work we will better understand that Latin-American thinking is not just a “minority thing.”


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