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Mass Media has influenced various aspects of our culture, from how we wake up to how we sleep. Over the years, popular media has expanded in our society due to the technological advancements; we are now able to access these various mass media mediums through one tap. One of the most influential topics in our culture is health and mass media has played a huge role in impacting a healthy lifestyle. Through this medium, people are also informed about medical advancements which can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle if they are at a risk for a disease. With the information presented people make decisions. [1]Carmelo Anthony once said, “Any decision I make is the biggest decision in my life”. Every decision we make in our lives is influenced by how we interpret the knowledge we are given at that point in time, especially medical decisions. Medical decisions are the most difficult because; one wrong decision can raise complications that we may have to deal with for the rest of our lives. Although, this medium may have its positive effects, mass media throughout the years usually has an affinity to reporting only one side, usually only the positives when it comes to medical advancements. It is important to understand how overtime people have evolved to become aware of medical advancements in an unfavorable way.



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