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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2022.


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Dat Tran


Children and pets are often forgotten in vehicles, and on hot days this can lead to heat-stroke, coma, and death. To avoid such preventable deaths, we designed a device that would be able to detect the presence of a vulnerable entity, such as a baby, with a temperature sensor and volatile organic compounds sensor. Once occupancy is recognized while the vehicle engine is off, the device will monitor the ambient temperature and will respond in real-time if the environment is deemed unsafe by triggering our alert system. The anticipated outcome is to avoid preventable deaths due to heat-stroke inside a vehicle. At the end of our project, we successfully trained and tested the temperature sensor to respond to our accuracy specifications. To improve our device, we would need greater data inputs for the volatile organic compounds sensor to better understand the carbon dioxide changes within the vehicle. Once this is accomplished, we would use machine learning that would recognize the changes in the environment so that the best possible response can be made.