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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Electrical Engineering

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Ramesh Abhari


The wireless health monitoring system is a wearable device that monitors the vital signs of the user and relays the information to a caretaker. Our prototypical design consists of two components: the sensor tag and a laptop. The sensor tag is the wearable device that will be unobtrusive to daily life and will transmit sensor readings, such as temperature and heart rate. The information will be sent to a computer where those values are compared to preset or calibrated levels. If there is an irregularity, the device will alert the user with an alarm. We have devised its future development for a level-2 system, which includes an amplifying hub, web connection, and the Internet of Things (IoT) implementation smartphone interface. This will allow the user to access information conveniently from any location with phone service.

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