The Early Bird Catches Knowledge

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The principal prerequisite for being a modern professional in any field is the acceptance and conscious execution of a life long process of continual learning. In particular, in a rapidly changing technological society, the working engineer must be abreast of current developments in his or her field. While this awareness can be achieved through occasional seminars and keeping up with trade and technical journals, it is best accomplished by attending courses and/or enrolling in a degree programme offered by a local university. Although the return from such an arrangement is largely a function of the individual's effort, on the whole every participant (engineer, employer and university) benefits from it. The curriculum offered by the university must be dynamic and flexible and must be administered by a faculty with a clear understanding of current industrial needs. The ‘Early Bird’ programme at Santa Clara University is given as an example. With the current critical need to upgrade manufacturing technologies, the role of quality continuing education for our engineers and managers becomes increasingly important.