Economic History and the Modern Economist: Let Us Now Praise Exogenous Variables

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Book Review

Publication Date

Spring 1988


Taylor & Francis


Economic History and the Modern Economist, edited by William N. Parker, reprints with light revision a set of four papers delivered at the 1984 American Economic Association (AEA) meetings in Dallas. The set was subsequently published in the May 1985 American Economic Review, along with the comments of the original discussants, Don McCloskey and Gavin Wright, a foreword and afterword by Parker, a comment by Charles Kindleberger, who organized the AEA meetings that year, and a newly contributed comment by Walt Rostow. The contributions by Parker and Kindleberger help place the topics and the session in historical context. The core of this slender volume remains the original conference papers by Kenneth Arrow, Robert Solow, Paul David, and Peter Temin, and the comments by McCloskey and Wright.