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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2017.


Computer Engineering

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Yuhong Lui


In California and several other states, businesses with employees are mandated to hold worker’s compensation coverage, which is a type of business insurance policy. A business owner obtains this coverage, as well as other needed insurance policies, by communicating with a commercial insurance broker.

While insurance has existed for a couple of centuries, the process to obtain policies has remained mostly the same and has not completely adapted technologically to attract the new wave of millennial business owners. The business insurance industry will need to address how this technologically savvy generation will want to buy and negotiate their insurance policies. Currently, buying business insurance has many faults. The common means of communication, fax, postal service and in-person communication are very outdated and out of touch with our millennial business owners. These slower communication methods make understanding commercial insurance more confusing for millennial business owners.

Our solution to bring business insurance into the digital age is by creating a web application that will act as a virtual broker platform. Business owners can take a variety of actions regarding their insurance policies, all in one place. They will easily be able to request a quote, fill out policy applications, communicate with their broker and view information about their policies. Through this web application, sensitive information is protected by the construction of a secure database and implementation of industry standard information security measures.

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