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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Darren Atkinson


Individuals currently live in a society that revolves around productivity. People from managers to students are bombarded with numerous tasks and daunting deadlines, making it extremely difficult to stay organized. In addition, these individuals also have multiple commitments in their lives, adding to the stress of keeping up with their already busy schedules. Currently, people are faced with a variety of organization methods. However, the two tools most people resort to, e-mail and notepad, have become more burdensome than helpful as the organization challenges have increased. In addition, current project management solutions are targeted towards large enterprises and not accessible for the general public. In response, we developed a simple and user-friendly web-based solution accessible to all. With the creation of a collaborative project management application, we enable users to host a collaborative environment by providing them with a webbased interface where they can easily communicate with their team members, find an organized list of their tasks and keep track of their project progress.