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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Yuhong Liu


Music streaming applications that do not require listeners to actually own the music they listen to are quickly become the most popular and most cost effective way to listen to music. These applications however are limited in their capabilities for playlist collaboration, specifically for real time collaboration. When an app does provide a way for users to collaborate on playlists, the users must be friends who have explicitly granted each other access to edit playlists. Our solution aims to improve on existing applications by allowing users to collaborate on music playlists in real time based on their immediate location.

Live is a mobile jukebox allowing people to connect with those around them over a common love, music. We pull music from existing services so users can continue to listen to all of the music they are accustomed to, but we also provide users with better ways to discover new music. In addition to providing a platform for real time location based playlist collaboration, the application recommends songs based on what people in a user’s immediate location are listening too. Our application’s key features will change the way that users both find and share their music.