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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Darren Atkinson


One of the requirements for all engineering students at Santa Clara University is to complete a senior design project. The senior design project is a year-long group project (with team sizes of typically 2-4 people) in which students work with faculty advisors to develop a product, idea, or applied research in the field of their study. This work is structured through the senior design class in which students receive information about the due dates and formats of their deliverables. Currently, senior design projects are submitted on printed paper. This method is unreliable as papers may become lost or unorganized resulting in a delayed review process. Printing multiple copies of reports is also not environmentally friendly and it can be overly complicated for interdisciplinary groups with multiple advisors. As an alternative, we propose using an online web portal to handle the senior design submission process. By using a service that is tailor-made for senior design, the website will ensure that the senior design submission process is smooth, easy, and reliable for everyone.