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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

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Daniel Lewis


Every year, university students spend hundreds, if not thousands on textbooks. However, students cannot effectively sell off or return the used books. Current solutions do exist, but they are slow, difficult to use, and do not give a reasonable refunded amount. To solve the problem, we implemented a hybrid mobile application, built to be available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Throughout the development process, several competitors emerged in the local bookselling market, therefore, our team pivoted and went more broad, allowing users to buy and sell anything, rather than restricting the platform to only books. Using realtime technology and geographic locations, we were able to create an instantaneous, localized marketplace that students could use to sell off their unwanted items. We facilitate community interaction and socioeconomic improvement through a simple, usable interface. Moving forward, more thought and resources would have to be put into the technological infrastructure to aid in scaling the application, if it were to go viral.