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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

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Silvia Figueira


For our Senior Design Project, we worked with a company in India called iKure. This company is a social benefits entrepreneurship that strives to provide affordable healthcare to citizens in rural India. In order to run their operations more efficiently, iKure asked us to create an application to track the location of their health workers as they travel throughout the rural communities. We worked closely with one of the employees at iKure, meeting biweekly through conference calls, in order to keep up to date on the companys developments. After careful consideration and additional feedback from iKure, we came up with a two-part system. The first is a mobile application developed using Phonegap that will be installed on the android tablets used by the health workers. This application automatically sends the workers location data to our database in specified time intervals during the designated tracking period. The second part of our system is a website, accessible only by the iKure administrators, which gives them the ability to view the current location of all health workers as well as any workers locations in the past week. The scope of our health worker tracker is not only limited to iKure. It has the potential to be expanded to other industries and services, like emergency response services. By utilizing our product, companies and supervisors will be able to monitor their workers in the field. Because they will know the general location of each worker, supervisors can quickly and efficiently send their workers to any situations that arise.