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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023.


Computer Science and Engineering

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Sean Choi


Computers are used on a daily basis, but children are not taught the concept of programming until high school or sometimes even college. Play to Code will help bridge this gap by providing young students with a fun, interactive way to learn basic coding principles on their own without the presence of an instructor. While there are some other online applications to help users learn how to code, there are very few that cater to elementary school students specifically. Online resources mostly consist of documentation with technical jargon that is difficult for children to understand, or videos that lack the hands-on experience that kids love to have when learning something new. We believe that exposing this demographic of students to computer science will greatly benefit them in the future and develop passions for coding that they may not have discovered for several years. Even if they do not ultimately decide to pursue computer science, the logical and analytical skills gained will help them in whatever field they ultimately choose.

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