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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2023.


Computer Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Sean Choi


The Dominican Republic's Instituto Politécnico Loyola (IPL) needs a wirelessly connected network of sensors for their greenhouses. Our project uses long-range (LoRa) communication to receive data from sensors within the greenhouse on the recorded temperature, humidity, soil moisture, and light values; stores and organizes these measurements in a database and backup text file; and displays appropriate recordings on an interactive application. We collaborated with a team of two General Engineering majors, with our focus on data retrieval and display functionality. Aside from basic data senders used solely for testing purposes, our final design serves as a central hub remotely accessible from outside the greenhouse: a Raspberry Pi serving as processing functionality receives information sent over LoRa, logs it to an internal database, and imports it into an HTML application displayed on an attached touchscreen tablet. While designed with specifically IPL’s greenhouses in mind, our system serves as a framework for expansion outside of IPL and eventually to remote farmlands in the global south. Our architecture was designed to use frugal materials for our project to be practically implemented.