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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2022.


Computer Science and Engineering

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Silvia Figueira


In Senegal, many children are unaware of the importance of common hygiene practices due to limited health education on sanitation and personal hygiene. As a result, the repercussions of not following these practices are not clearly understood. This is an issue because some of the most common diseases in Senegal can be prevented through better sanitation practices and other basic preventative measures. Developing hygienic habits at a young age is critical—especially in a developing country such as Senegal. We have created a mobile application that educates and empowers children with the basic knowledge of WASH—water, sanitation, hygiene. Because Senegal often does not have reliable internet connectivity, our application will not rely on connectivity to function. Instead, users will only need to have the application installed on their technological device ahead of time in order to acquire full functionality of the application.