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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University


Computer Engineering

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Joanne Holliday


One of the common problems with social networking is the ability to plan out an event. Many applications available today simply provide for a broad or narrow audience of invitees. These tools also have the additional problem of being flooded with spam, and content with little interest to its users. To remedy this issue, we devised a new tool, Eventify. Eventify is an Android based application that potentially will make creating events and bringing groups of people together more feasible. We built this application with two main design constraints in mind: The application runs solely via text messaging, without a centralized database and also without use of the internet. In this paper, we researched into the functionality and the architecture of this application, as well as test results and the development process of the application. Our implementation of the application shows that creating a social-based system architecture is possible without use of the internet or use of a centralized database, which is unique to our application. We created a self-sustaining application that can run without support or maintenance costs, provided that all involved users have an Android device and/or text messaging capabilities. The application itself is presented in a straightforward manner; functionality of the application is apparent, and there is no excess flashiness in the application. The application relies on file storage within the phone itself to function: the text files created and handled by the application, however, are lightweight and typical use of the application takes up no more than 1MB of space on the device. Eventify is a lightweight, decentralized application that makes event planning and friendly gatherings less troublesome to handle. While there are solutions that have been created for the purpose of event planning, Eventify was successfully implemented to require no support or maintenance costs and run solely via text messaging.