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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2021.


Computer Science and Engineering

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Angela Musurlian


Currently, Internet of Things (IoT) components, kits, and devices are scattered all across the web around different websites, thus making it difficult for someone in search of these to be able to find exactly what they want in a short amount of time. This is especially crucial to some, such as manufacturers of different devices that use IoT components and others such as those working in agriculture that require IoT kits for their irrigation systems. In this paper, I describe my solution: a single ecommerce website that includes all or as many IoT products from as many companies/producers as possible. Just as there are ecommerce sites that group all items ranging from electronics to clothing such as eBay and Amazon, there needs to be a single site where consumers can be able to search for IoT products. With all IoT products in one ecommerce site, users only have to visit one site in order to search for or browse IoT products. Thus, user’s will be able to browse/search for products from a variety of different manufacturers and will be able to purchase those products right on the website. After, transactions and payment processes, the seller (IoT Company will be notified) and then from their warehouse, the IoT product(s) will be shipped directly to the consumer. Additionally, these IoT products can range from components to specific devices, thus accommodating not only other businesses that use these IoT components, but also specific users (consumers).

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