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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2020.


Computer Science and Engineering

First Advisor

Behnam Dezfouli


There is no place where safety is more important than in the home. Research has shown that home security systems are effective in deterring burglars; additionally, these security systems allow residents to monitor their property at all times, even while they are away. More and more of these home security devices rely on a stable Internet connection and cannot provide functionality without it. ACAS is a system that helps keep smart devices connected to the Internet, even in the event of a home internet outage.

ACAS includes a programmable router that can connect to multiple Internet sources, which sets it apart from other routers on the market. ACAS can connect to two or more Internet sources at a time and then broadcast a wireless Internet signal that one’s smart security devices (and any other device) can connect to. The router uses one Internet source at a time to provide a wireless signal for all devices to connect to it, but in the case that the Internet source goes down for any reason, ACAS automatically switches to one of the other Internet sources connected to it. This provides a reliable backup and keeps devices connected to the Internet as long as one of the multiple Internet sources connected to the router is up and running.

Our system also includes a web application that provides the ability to configure some aspects of the router and obtain up-to-date statistics about the workings of the router itself. Users can check the network speed of the Internet connection and choose which of the multiple Internet sources is the main Internet source at any given time.