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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2019


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Behnam Dezfouli


In this paper we present an efficient multipurpose system capable of providing professors the ability to help students meet with them outside of class. Currently, should a student wish to schedule a meeting with a professor, they often have to initiate a long string of emails until a final date and time can be agreed upon. Additionally, professors have no way to simply broadcast messages to people visiting their office nor a way to take messages from those individuals should a professor be absent. Our solution aims to fix these issues through the use of several low-power, budgetfriendly devices. Our platform includes a touchscreen powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 which will function to display the professor’s public calendar and announcements. Additionally, a camera is used in order to perform face recognition to map students to accounts they create to interface with the system. Finally, we created a mobile app that will allow student and professor to communicate quickly in a way that abstracts their personal phone numbers.