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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2019


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Ahmed Amer


Healthy parenting and family resilience in early childhood has been shown to be an important factor in building emotional resilience for the children: it illustrates that when parents have higher emotional resilience, their children tend to have higher emotional resilience as well. However, the tools that available in the market right now only teach people what emotional resilience rather than how to practice it in daily life.

This report describes our project to create a virtual reality tool that can not only teach the importance of emotional resilience, but also help the parents develop personal resilience. The system is based on the VR Empathy Training Tool created by a former senior design project in which the user can interact with a crying child and learn how to handle stress under certain circumstances. The new system will add new features so that it can inform users about their stress level and allow the users to track their progress.