Smart Mirror

Date of Award


Document Type

Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Yuhong Liu


Our exponentially growing dependency on data has spawned an innumerable amount of resources and applications which have become the backbones to our lives. There are endless different applications without a consolidated platform to display all this information simultaneously.

Realizing the limitations of fitting this data collection onto a mobile device, we aim to create this platform on a mirror - a common household object that many people look at everyday in the morning. The mirror not only has enough surface area to display all the data in detail, but also allows the end user to multitask (i.e. brush their teeth / change their clothes). This mirror is intended for everyday use, allowing the user to view most of the data a person could ask for without suffering the inconveniences of jumping between many different applications.