SCU Events

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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.


Computer Engineering

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Darren Atkinson


As students at Santa Clara University for the past four years, we have noticed a lack of student participation in school-sponsored events. Sporting events, art exhibits, student performances and so on do not draw the desired participation from the Santa Clara community. Part of this problem is that the university’s event calendar page is unorganized, lacks a comprehensive list of SCU events and has a poor user interface. Without a comprehensive, centralized place to find information on Santa Clara events, it is difficult for people to attend events and even more challenging to increase awareness about what is happening on campus.

With the ultimate goal of increasing both awareness and participation for university events, we have a created a new SCU events calendar page. This calendar page aims to simplify the user experience so that obtaining desired information and browsing through upcoming events is intuitive and effective. This paper details our year-long process for creating the webpage, SCU Events.