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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2018.


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

Figueira, Silvia


Despite the advancement of medical technology, many people in developing countries like India and Kenya still suffer from treatable diseases. In many of the health clinics in these areas, color strips are used for checkups and diagnosis of diseases. However, a big problem with these color strips is that the diagnosis of color strips take a long time because they have to be manually checked. Currently, World Health Partners (WHP) works with doctors and hospitals in India and Kenya to provide more accessible healthcare through telehealth networks to get consultations from rural clinics to specialists at hospitals. We are working with WHP to streamline the process of color strip diagnosis, by creating an application that goes through the process of reading a color strip in a single step. Our application analyzes an image of a color strip and returns the concentration of the different factors being tested on the color strip. By doing so, we provide a precise analysis of color strips, instead of having to wait for a specialist.