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Thesis - SCU Access Only


Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2017.

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Yuhong Liu


The tech industry has the crucial requirement to execute and release products at a fast pace. Also critical is the need to secure those products and solutions as technology continues to have a direct impact on daily lives. Information security struggles to provide consultation and risk-based assessments towards those solutions that is continuous, fast, and in real time. Even though security automation addresses some areas of continuous security, it still does not address the gap of providing fast, and real-time consultation. This research addresses the gap by proposing the development of artificial intelligent security chat bots (AISCB) that can be employed in a continuous security environment to provide real time consultation and assessment in natural language. This research will begin by exploring the reason as to why information security is not able provide security assessments in a rapid manner. It will then outline the various areas of information security where artificial intelligence has been employed, and then outline a proposed neural network framework for an AISCB. The research concludes by summarizing the outcomes of evaluating the proposed framework, and areas of future research that can be conducted to further enhance the AISCB.

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