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Mental health training and the hospice community: A national survey

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This article summarizes a national survey of the hospice community. Respondents provided detailed information in the following areas: (a) What formal mental health training is provided for staff members? (b) Who conducts this training? (c) What areas are covered and where would more training be useful? (d) How is the training conducted—what formats and teaching materials are used? and (e) How much training do staff members receive?

The results of the survey indicate that the hospice community is making a concerted effort to meet the mental health training needs of its paid staff members and volunteers. However, more than half of the hospices surveyed expressed a need for further training in 26 of the 33 issues and skills covered in the questionnaire, and many reported a need for a more systematic and comprehensive mental health curriculum. The findings point to several areas of particularly great need and provide a basis for the development of future mental health training in the hospice community.