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A realistic approach to drawing conclusions from the scientific literature: Response to Bonanno and Lilienfeld

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American Psychological Association


Replies to comments made by G. A. Bonanno and S. O. Lilienfeld (see record 2008-07318-017), which commented on the original article by D. Larson and W. Hoyt (see record #200711559-003) for what Bonanno and Lilienfeld believe are inaccurate conclusions regarding the empirical literature on grief counseling. In the brief space allotted for this response, the authors correct several mischaracterizations of our conclusions and note points of agreement between their actual conclusions, including those partially quoted by Bonanno and Lilienfeld, and their own stated views about grief counseling. The authors elaborate on their earlier discussion about how researchers and practitioners can draw valid conclusions from the empirical literature and what factors add to their confidence about these conclusions.