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Seminar on Jesuit Spirituality/Boston College Libraries


Although in this essay I am speaking in particular of adaptations of the Spiritual Exercises, my experience has also been in other retreat settings, both formal and informal. There are many other kinds of retreat approaches which are offered throughout the member of a team, and other times as guest director for a specialized group. These include Marriage Encounter, retreats for alcoholics or co-dependents, and youth renewal weekends. I know the different graces that arise. All are valid; but I must say, in general, that on the average weekend at a silent retreat given over to more reflective sessions and private prayerfulness, the number of profound conversions and particularly fruitful confessions is always high. And so, as mentioned at the beginning, for clarity I would like to confine my reflections in this issue of Studies to my personal story of learning more and more the unique value of the three-day retreat experience.


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