Theology and communication: A review essay

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Just as the confluence of two rivers provides a rich area of study for geographers and historians, so the confluence of two disciplines provides an exciting perspective for members of each. In one way or another, Christian theology and communication studies have intertwined for the better part of 15 centuries. Whether in studies of homiletics or in the application of the insights of human communication to the divine (e.g. Kennedy, 1980; Augustine, 1873; Lonergan, 1967) students of communication and theologians have looked to one another for mutual illumination.

This review essay briefly introduces some or the materials on theology and communication, particularly those more sweeping in their scope or more imaginative in their development. Some offer alternative views of communication; others, a basis for theology drawn from communication; and others, a critique or contemporary communicative practice from the perspective or the churches. (For a more complete review or the materials and a fuller bibliography, see Soukup, 11183.)