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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2017.


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Tonya Nilsson

Second Advisor

Edwin Maurer

Third Advisor

Sukhmander Singh


After the devastating April 2015 Gorkha earthquake in Nepal, entire villages were destroyed and remain unbuilt. In addition, rural subsistence farmers in the village of Takure, Nepal are struggling to provide for their families due to a long seasonal dry season from October to May.8 In order to address this crisis, this team designed and implemented a simple earthbag house with a rooftop rainwater catchment system for homeless villagers in Takure. This single-family house design aimed to address Takure’s most urgent needs by being seismically-resistant, locally sourced, economically feasible, and sustainable. The project also created valuable benefits for the Takure community, including local job creation and empowerment.