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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Rachel He


In this project we focus on a section of the El Camino Real that is a major corridor that connects the South Bay to much of the Peninsula. The portion that we are looking at is by Santa Clara University from Lafayette Street to Scott Boulevard which consists of 3lanes in both directions. This is much wider than sections farther north as there are much higher traffic volumes in the spread out South Bay. As a result, El Camino Real can be dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists. Along with pedestrian safety concerns, our project goes into the inadequate service levels for public transit, the VTA 522El Camino Real Rapid Bus in particular. Our redesign of El Camino Real was inspired by the VTA’s BRT, Bus Rapid Transit, which converts 1 of 3 car lanes into a Bus Only lane and adds a bike lane. We created several alternative design options for the project and discuss each option’s strengths and weaknesses. After we decided on a design, we ran a Synchro simulation to see how the traffic conditions would be affected by our redesign. We noted the different service levels and safety improvements.