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Santa Clara : Santa Clara University, 2016.


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Tonya Nilsson


This project consists of the redesign of a three-story apartment complex for Habitat for Humanity that will be constructed in Walnut Creek, CA in 2017. A project in Fremont, CA served as the basis for the design. However, the height of the complex in Fremont exceeded the Walnut Creek Building Code height limitations, making the redesign of this timber structure necessary. The challenge was to reduce the structural space between stories to 9.5 inches in order to achieve comfortable interior clearances and meet the City of Walnut Creek’s height restriction. The structural components for Building Type A in the Las Juntas Way Apartment Complex were designed. Initially, a sawn lumber design was completed. However, this design did meet the target structural depth. Therefore, a design using TJI-joists was completed. This alternative met the target structural depth. From there, a lateral force resisting system with connection details and a mat foundation were designed. A cost analysis confirmed that the TJI-joist design was a cost-effective alternative. For sustainability, a Green Point Rating Checklist was completed. Lastly, a three-dimensional model was created using Revit, a four-dimensional Building Information Modeling technology. All structural drawings and calculations were submitted to Habitat for Humanity for use in the final design.