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Santa Clara University


Civil Engineering

First Advisor

Reynaud Serrette

Second Advisor

Suhkmander Singh


An Approach to Light-Frame Disaster Relief Housing investigated the use of bamboo structures to provide safe, affordable and easily constructible housing in developing countries that are prone to natural disasters. The team chose to use the Cagayan Valley Region in Northern Philippines that has a demonstrated need for relief housing due to its susceptibility to high seismic activity, monsoons, and floods. The proposed solution includes a complete structural and geotechnical foundation design of a house that can resist the demand loads determined for the region. The structural system is designed using bamboo and includes a lateral force resisting system, and gravity force resisting system, and roof and floor diaphragms. The structural system ties into the foundation, which was designed to withstand flood loads and provide a proper load path from the structural system to the ground.