Slope Stability of the Design Concept of the Sheet Pile and Contiguous Bored Pile Walls

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Society of Physics and Natural History of Geneva


Before any construction of retaining structures it is important to understand the behavior of the soil and the characteristic of the failure modes involved. All this basic information is to ensure no errors happens during the design and to provide efficient and economic solution. In the knowledge of soil mechanics there are no such site will have exactly the same condition and characteristic. Form the view of engineering, soil is a unique material which is form by continuous and complex process. According to Terzhagi and Peck, soil is composing of granular aggregate particles which can be extracted by mechanical action (Craig, 1997). Different soil condition will provide different magnitude of earth pressure against the slope stability and also the retaining structure. This research will highlight various techniques related to shear strength of soil, slope failure mechanisms, common slope failure, factor influencing the slope stability and the design concept of sheet pile wall and contiguous bored pile wall.