Academic Technology closely aligns support functions by combining Media Services, the Technology Help Desk, Technology Support Services, and Technology Training to provide a broad range of technology resources, equipment and services to the campus community, including support for computing, technology integration in the curriculum, classroom technology, graphics, the campus website, and the campus cable TV system.


Submissions from 2009


SLOODLE: Connecting VLE tools with emergent teaching practice in Second Life, Jeremy Kemp, Daniel Livingstone, and Peter Bloomfield

Multi-User Virtual Environments for Learning Meet Learning Management, Daniel Livingstone, Jeremy Kemp, Edmund Edgar, Chris Surridge, and Peter Bloomfield

Submissions from 2008

Avatar in the classroom: Teaching the Nation’s first MLIS class in second life, Jeremy Kemp


Immersive learning environments in parallel universes: Learning through Second Life, Jeremy Kemp and Ken Haycock


Integrating Web-Based and 3D Learning Environments: Second Life Meets Moodle, Daniel Livingstone and Jeremy Kemp


From Multi-User Virtual Environment to 3D Virtual Learning Environment, Daniel Livingstone, Jeremy Kemp, and Edmund Edgar


Second Life: Exploring the Immersive Instructional Venue for Library and Information Science Education, Lili Luo and Jeremy Kemp

Submissions from 2007


Second Life: Some love it. Some hate it. But no one ignores it..., Jeremy Kemp


Proceedings of the 2007 Second Life education workshop, part of the Second Life Community Convention., Jeremy Kemp and Daniel Livingstone

Submissions from 2006


Putting a Second Life “metaverse” skin on learning management systems, Jeremy Kemp and Daniel Livingstone


Massively Multi-Learner: Recent Advances in 3D Social Environments, Daniel Livingstone and Jeremy Kemp

Submissions from 1999

Grow Enrollment using E-Commerce Techniques, Jeremy Kemp

Submissions from 1989

TEAMA Provides insight into electronics industry, Jeremy Kemp