The Department of Art and Art History offers majors in studio art and art history leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. Both majors integrate theory with practice, so that students choosing studio art will acquire a foundation in art history and those studying art history will acquire practical experience in the process of making art.


Submissions from 2020


12-06-20 Pickering House Lecture: Andrea Pappas, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2016


Greek illuminated Gospels, Kathleen Maxwell

Illustrated Byzantine Gospel Books, Kathleen Maxwell


The Textual Affiliation of Deluxe Byzantine Gospel Books, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 2015


'Each Wise Nymph that Angles for a Heart': The Politics of Courtship in the Boston 'Fishing Lady' Pictures, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2014

The Afterlife of Texts: Decorative Style Manuscripts and New Testament Textual Criticism, Kathleen Maxwell


In Search of a Jewish Audience: New York’s Guild Art Gallery, 1935-1937, Andrea Pappas


Mark Rothko, No. 5/No. 22, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2011

Seeing the Homeless: Photography and Self-Determination, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2008

Eye on the Sixties, Vision, Body, and Soul: Selections from the Collections of Harry W. and Mary Margaret Anderson., Andrea Pappas


Angel in the Architecture: Course Management Software and Collaborative Teaching, Andrea Pappas, Stephen Carroll, and Dolores laGuardia


Introduction to Teaching Art History with New Technology: Reflections and Case Studies, Andrea Pappas, Kelly Donahue-Wallace, and Laetitia La Follette

Submissions from 2007


Haunted Abstraction: Mark Rothko, Witnessing and the Holocaust in 1942, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2004


Invisible Points of Departure: Reading Rothko’s Christological Imagery, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2003

Painting in the Subjunctive Mode: Inez Storer and the Art of Possibilities, Andrea Pappas

Post-Natural Eco-Systems: Technological Interventions in the California Landscape, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2002


Mathews and Taylor, Armenian Gospels of Gladzor, Kathleen Maxwell


Kristen Swinth, Painting Professionals: Women Artists and the Development of Modern American Art, 1870-1930, Andrea Pappas


The Picture at Menorah Journal: Making "Jewish Art", Andrea Pappas

Tradition and Innovation at the Poindexter Gallery, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2001

Patrolling the Borders: Gender Analysis in a Transcultural Artistic Context, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 2000


Paris, Bibliotheque Nationale de France, Codex Grec 54: Modus Operandi of Scribes and Artists in a Palaiologan Gospel Book, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 1999

The Lower Wall Lunettes of the Parma Baptistry: The Identity of the Subject of the Missing Lunette and Iconographical Connections with the Cupola Program, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 1998


James, Liz. Light and Color in Byzantine Art, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 1997

Review of Sirarpie Der Nersessian, Miniature Painting in the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia from the Twelfth to the Fourteenth Century, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 1996

A Textual Source for the Prophet Zone of the Parma Baptistry Cupola, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 1994


Armenian Additions to a Greek Gospelbook: Brescia, Biblioteca Civica Queriniana A.VI.26, Kathleen Maxwell

Review of Art History and Education by Stephen Addiss and Mary Erickson, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 1993

Review of The Twilight of Byzantium, edited by Slobodan Curcic and Doula Mouriki, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 1992

Review of Ioannis Spatharakis, The Left-handed Evangelist. A Contribution to Palaeologan Iconography, Kathleen Maxwell


Observations on the Ancestor Cycle of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling, Andrea Pappas

Ovidian Manners: Hendrick Goltzius and the Metamorphoses, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 1991

John McCracken, Andrea Pappas

Submissions from 1987

Review of Anthony Cutler, Aristocratic Psalters in Byzantium, Kathleen Maxwell

Submissions from 1983


Another Lectionary of the ‘Atelier’ of the Palaiologina, Vat. gr. 352, Kathleen Maxwell