The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures aims to develop and promote the bases for human understanding and productive interaction among members of disparate cultural groups. We emphasize linguistic, cultural and literary competencies so as to educate students for a more informed, compassionate, productive and civic involvement in our increasingly diverse and global society. To achieve its mission, we offer major and minor programs of the highest quality in French and Francophone, German, Italian, Japanese (minor only), and Spanish Studies. We also offer other languages on the basis of curricular and student needs such as Arabic and Chinese.

Throughout our programs, we subscribe to a communicative and proficiency-based language curriculum modeled after the goals of the Standards for Foreign Language Learning and encourage the university’s teaching scholar model through faculty research and creative activity and critical and reflective engagement with society. In addition, we develop and co-sponsor educational events and programs that enhance our mission as well as the mission and goals of the College and University.


Submissions from 2016


Casting Sound: Modality and Poetics in Gabriella Ghermandi’s Regina di fiori e di perle, Laura Dolp and Eveljn Ferraro

Songs of Passage and Sacrifice: Gabriella Ghermandi’s Stories in Performance, Laura Dolp and Eveljn Ferraro

Submissions from 2015


Drawing Testimony, Coming to Writing: Ebe Cagli Seidenberg’s Le sabbie del silenzio and Il Tempo dei Dioscuri, Eveljn Ferraro


Introduction: Theories of the Ghost in a Transhispanic Context, Alberto Ribas-Casasayas and Amanda L. Petersen

Submissions from 2014


Mil y una muertes de Sergio Ramírez y los fantasmas de la construcción nacional nicaragüense, Alberto Ribas-Casasayas

Submissions from 2013


La posthibdridez fronteriza en la narrativa de Heriberto Yépez, Alberto Ribas-Casasayas

Submissions from 2012


Ebe Cagli Seidenberg, Eveljn Ferraro

Submissions from 2011

Italianization of Emigration to Canada: Or, What is the Role of the Italies outside of Italy?, Eveljn Ferraro


Transatlantic Fuentes: Between ‘The Two Shores’ of Pluriculturality and Glossocentrism, Alberto Ribas-Casasayas

Submissions from 2009


Between Italy and America: Exile and Suspension in Ebe Cagli Seidenberg’s Il Tempo dei Dioscuri, Eveljn Ferraro


Carlos Fuente's "The Two Shores": Between Counterfactualism and Cultural Allegory, Alberto Ribas-Casasayas