In accord with the mission of Santa Clara University, Santa Clara’s History Department strives to be a community of scholars in which students and faculty engage in vigorous inquiry to study and understand the past. This is the product of both interpretation of what others have written about the past and original scholarship that expands the boundaries of historical knowledge. Because history is what the present says about the past, it is continuously undergoing reinterpretation. Examination of the construction of history is therefore at the base of learning and scholarship within the department.

Through an integrated approach to teaching, learning, and scholarship, students will become informed about their own and other cultures in a global context, will develop broadly reflective and analytic skills, and will prepare themselves to be engaged citizens serving their societies.

Further, the History Department strives to further the goals of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University, especially through service to the University Core and the University Residential Learning Communities.


Submissions from 2013


Breaking the Ties: French Romantic Socialism and the Critique of Liberal Slave Emancipation, Naomi J. Andrews

Submissions from 2011


D'Eichthal and Urbain's Lettres sur la race noire et la race blanche: race, gender, and reconciliation after Slave Emancipation, Naomi Andrews


"The Universal Alliance of All Peoples": Romantic Socialists, the Human Family, and the Defense of Empire during the July Monarchy, 1830-1848, Naomi J. Andrews

Submissions from 2003


The Feminist and the Socialist: Adele and Alphonse Esquiros, Naomi J. Andrews


Utopian Androgyny: Romantic Socialists Confront Individualism in July Monarchy France, Naomi J. Andrews

Submissions from 2002


“La Mère Humanité”: Femininity in the Romantic Socialism of Pierre Leroux and the Abbé A.–L. Constant, Naomi J. Andrews