The Ethnic Studies Program offers interdisciplinary courses in the study of race and ethnicity, and coordinates courses in race and ethnic studies throughout the University. The Program focuses on the study of African Americans, Asian/Pacific Islander Americans, Chicanos/Latinos, and Native Americans and their roles in the development of the United States. This emphasis provides an opportunity for all students to learn about racial and ethnic minority communities, thus leading to a deeper and nuanced understanding of United States history and society. The program's dedicated faculty members are recognized by students and other faculty for their excellence in teaching, scholarship, service, and advising.


Submissions from 2016


Amanecer Latin@, Anna Sampaio

Submissions from 2015

From Central Cities to Ethnoburbs: Asian American Political Incorporation in the San Francisco Bay Area, James Lai

Submissions from 2014

Ethnicity, Anna Sampaio


Racing and gendering immigration politics: analyzing contemporary immigration enforcement using intersectional analysis, Anna Sampaio

Submissions from 2013

Latina Political Participation, Anna Sampaio


Latinas and Electoral Politics: Expanding Participation and Power in State and National Elections, Anna Sampaio

Submissions from 2010


Deracialization and Latino Politics: The Case of the Salazar Brothers in Colorado, Eric Gonzalez Juenke and Anna Sampaio

Emerging Pattern or Unique Event? The Power of the Non-Racial Campaign in Colorado, Eric Gonzalez Juenke and Anna Sampaio


Multiplexing Racial and Ethnic Planes: Chinese American Politics in Globalized Immigrant Suburbs, James Lai

Submissions from 2009


A New Gateway: Asian American Political Power in the 21st Century, James Lai

Voting Behavior and Political Participation, James Lai

Submissions from 2006


When Asian Pacific Americans Run: The Suburban and Urban Dimensions of Asian American Candidates in California Local Politics, James Lai and Kim Geron


Women of Color Teaching Political Science: Examining the Intersections of Race, Gender, and Course Material in the Classroom, Anna Sampaio

Submissions from 2004


Transnational Feminisms in a New Global Matrix, Anna Sampaio

Submissions from 2003


Review of ContemporaryAsian American Communities, Edited by Linda Vo and Rick Bonus, James Lai


Crossing Disciplinary Borders: Re-examining Latino/a Studies and Latin American Studies in the 1990s, Anna Sampaio

Submissions from 2002


Beyond Symbolic Representation: A Comparison of the Electoral Pathways and Policy Priorities of Asian American and Latino Elected Officials, Kim Geron and James Lai


Transforming Chicana/o and Latina/o Politics: Globalization, and the Formation of Transnational Resistance in the U.S. and Chiapas, Anna Sampaio

Feminismos Filtrados: Regulamento de Corpos das Mulheres em Ciberespaço, Anna Sampaio and Janni Aragón


Conclusion: New Projects and Old Reminders, Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez and Anna Sampaio


Introduction: Processes, New Prospects, and Approaches, Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez and Anna Sampaio

Submissions from 2001


Asian Pacific American Campaigns, Elections, and Elected Officials, James Lai, Wendy K. Tam Cho, Thomas P. Kim, and Okiyoshi Takeda

Crossing Disciplinary Borders: Latino/a Studies and Latin American Studies in the 1990s, Anna Sampaio


Filtered Feminisms: Cybersex, E-commerce and the Construction of Women's Bodies in Cyberspace, Anna Sampaio and Janni Aragón

Submissions from 2000

Asian Pacific Americans and the Pan-Ethnic Question, James Lai

Submissions from 1998

Racially Polarized Voting and Its Effects on the Formation of a Viable Latino-Asian Pacific Political Coalition, James Lai


Review of The Political Participation of Asian Americans: Voting Behavior in Southern California, James Lai

The Symbolic Politics of Affirmative Action, Michael B. Preston and James Lai

Submissions from 1997

"To Boldly Go (Where No Man Has Gone Before)": Women and Politics in Cyberspace, Anna Sampaio and Janni Aragón